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Understanding Your Electrical Safety Responsibilities

Whether you're a homeowner, landlord, or tenant, it's critical to understand your responsibilities and the importance of electrical safety. To protect the safety of everyone involved, GES Electrical is on hand to help you navigate these responsibilities.

Landlord Responsibilities for Electrical Safety

If you're a landlord with a secure or standard occupation contract, it's imperative that you uphold the following responsibilities:

  • Regular Inspection: Ensure that your property's electrical systems are inspected every five years.
  • Prompt Reporting: Provide your tenants with an electrical condition report within 14 days of their occupation contract's commencement.
  • Safe Initiation: Guarantee that the electrics are safe when the tenant's occupation contract begins.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Throughout the term of the tenant's lease, keep the electrical systems in a safe condition.
  • Device Security: Assure the continued safety of the appliances by providing those with the CE or UKCA designation.

In order to fulfil these duties, the electrical installation and equipment must undergo regular safety inspections, including Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) for furnished residences. Appliances must have a PAT sticker on them with the test date visible.

Electrical Safety

Tenant Responsibilities for Electrical Safety

You also have a big part to play in electrical safety as a tenant:

  • Vigilance: Be vigilant for signs of danger and ensure proper maintenance and usage of electrical equipment.
  • Reporting Defects: If you feel that any of the landlord's equipment is defective, let them know right away.
  • Inspection Access: Permit inspections and repairs on your house with adequate notice.
  • Personal Appliances: Be accountable for the security of any electrical equipment you bring onto the premises.

In case of doubt regarding appliance safety, prioritise testing or replacement.

Homeowner Responsibilities for Electrical Safety

Additionally, homeowners are responsible for maintaining electrical safety:

  • Inspections on a regular basis: Schedule an electrical inspection every ten years.
  • Vigilant Approach: Stay alert for danger indicators and maintain your electrical equipment.
  • Suitable Work: Ensure all repair and installation work is carried out by a qualified electrician

Keep in mind that certain common precautions help ensure general safety whether you own or rent your house. At GES Electrical, we're committed to promoting electrical safety knowledge and assisting you in comprehending and carrying out your duties. Please feel free to get in touch if we can help you.

Any questions regarding electrical safety?

Consult Electrical Safety First, a dedicated organisation devoted to preventing electrical mishaps, for further information on electrical safety, dependable registered electricians, and associated resources. Learn the criteria of Rent Smart Wales if you are a private landlord in Wales.

For a secure and comfortable home, put electrical safety first. Your attention to detail and devotion to these obligations could significantly alter the situation.