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Staying Safe and Saving Money

The ongoing cost of living crisis has put financial strain on households across the UK. Many people are looking for methods to reduce expenses in these difficult times, particularly when it comes to energy bills. However, you should never jeopardise your family's or home's security. At GES Electrical, a NICEIC member and approved contractor with Age Cymru, with over 30 years of experience, we're here to provide guidance on maintaining both your financial and physical well-being.

Running Appliances at Cheaper Times

The "Demand Flexibility Service" is a novel initiative by the National Grid ESO to alleviate pressure on the electricity supply grid. It compensates households for lowering their energy use during peak hours by providing cash incentives, which are particularly alluring considering the current crisis in the cost of living. Although these rewards may be alluring, it's important to pay close attention to safety, especially when using equipment like washing machines, tumble dryers, or dishwashers. These appliances contribute significantly to electrical fires in the UK, making it crucial to mitigate risks.

Stay safe while saving money

To keep yourself and your family safe while saving money, follow these safety tips:

  • Make sure the smoke alarms in your home are functional on every floor and test them once a week.
  • For alerts on issues, register your appliances with the manufacturer.
  • To avoid overheating, avoid overloading plug sockets.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions when cleaning filters.
  • Examine the cords and plugs of your appliances for damage.
  • Verify appliance recalls with Electrical Safety First's online product checker.
  • Unplug the equipment and get in touch with the manufacturer, retailer, or a licenced expert if you think there might be an issue.

Electric heater safety tips

Electric heater safety tips

For those considering using electric heaters, here are safety tips:

  • Place heaters away from potential hazards and on a level surface.
  • Keep at least one meter away from anything that could catch fire, such as paper, furniture or drapes.
  • Avoid drying clothes directly on or near heaters.
  • To lower fire risk, keep heaters away from clothing.
  • Never let heaters run while you are sleeping or when unsupervised.
  • Extension leads shouldn't be used with heaters since they can overload and catch fire.
  • Check heaters for damage on a regular basis; if they are damaged, don't use them.
  • Purchase heaters from reputable manufacturers and sellers rather than buying used ones.
  • For alerts of recalls, register new portable heaters and other electrical appliances with the makers.

How to Shop Safely Online

With more people shopping online, it's important to protect yourself while looking for deals. Counterfeit and sub-standard electrical products can pose significant risks, particularly during the cost of living crisis.

How to Shop Safely Online

To shop safely online:

  • Buy electrical products from reputable stores or manufacturer websites.
  • Be wary of deals that seem suspiciously cheap.
  • Check the supplier's source, especially if there isn't a physical address.
  • To find third-party vendors, use browser add-ons like "Check It Out".
  • Don't solely rely on glowing reviews; cross-reference with verified purchasers.
  • Watch out for overused terms like "genuine" or "authentic."
  • Be cautious about deals that look too good to be true; do your research.
  • When checking out, look for secure payment methods that display the padlock sign.

How to Shop Second-Hand Safely

Investigating the used market may lead to solutions that are affordable. However, whether buying used electrical products in-person or online, safety must always come first.

To shop second-hand safely:

  • Check for recalls using the product's model serial number.
  • Check to see if the plug has a fuse and a three-pin UK style.
  • On the product, look for genuine safety certification labels.
  • Register your used item for simple contact in the event of problems.

Any questions? Get in touch

Your safety and financial security are crucial in these trying times. You can save money while protecting the security of your house and loved ones by adhering to these recommendations. We at GES Electrical are here to help you make wise decisions and maintain a safe and comfortable living space. If you have any questions we can help with, we encourage you to get in touch.