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The Advantages of Using LED Bulbs

Are you considering changing the lightbulbs throughout your home? Have you considered LED lightbulbs for your home? In this blog post, we've listed the benefits and advantages of LED lightbulbs.

The Advantages of LED Lightbulbs

There's plenty of advantages when it comes to using LED lightbulbs. From long-lasting results to instant brightness and much more, take a look below:

LED Lightbulbs last much longer

One of the greatest benefits of LED lightbulbs is that they last much longer for your home. On average, it is often expected that LED lightbulbs last up to 10 times longer than your traditional light bulb. 

LED Lightbulbs are much more energy-efficient

LED lightbulbs are a much more energy-efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs when it comes to providing light for your home. LED lightbulbs can be up to 80-90% more efficient than older lightbulbs (such as incandescents). While there might be more of an upfront cost they can help save up to £60 over the lifetime of the light bulb. 

LED Lightbulbs provide better quality light

By providing you with a more focused glow than compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights, LED bulbs can provide you with overall improved quality of light. 

While the price of LEDs might initially put you off making this choice, the advantages of LED lighting vastly outweigh more traditional lighting in the long term. This makes LEDs the right choice. 

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