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Solar panel maintenance

Solar electric panels are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills in the long term. As solar panels are a relatively new technology and evolving constantly, most people aren't aware of best practice when it comes to maintaining them. 

Solar panel maintenance

As there is no "off switch" with a solar panel system, small issues can arise (such as leaves under the panels) which can lead to an electrical fault and cause you problems.

It's also important to note that most solar panels don't have an automatic fire detection system so a fire can start and spread before you might notice it. 

For these reasons, we highly advise that you use a fully qualified, highly experienced electrician like ourselves to arrange regular inspections and testing. During these inspections, we'll be able to identify any potential issue before they become a problem or a safety risk. 

As solar panels are an emerging technology, some people may claim to be experts in them but not have the qualifications and training needed to work on them safely and competently. This is why it's highly important to check that the electrician in question is fully qualified, don't feel embarrassed to ask for this, whether it's ourselves or someone else you're speaking with. 

solar panel maintenance tips

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